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  • Unfinished Pottery Pieces Just Waiting to Be Painted!

    “Behind unfinished art cries an unfinished artist.” – Terri Guillemets #quoteoftheday

    This quote reminds me of how it feels when things linger on longer then they should. Or maybe we should just call it what it is - procrastination. It's kinda like watching the clean clothes pile up on top of the dryer or making an excuse as to why you're not heading to the gym. 
  • Did You See A.C. Studios On Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta???

    I was totally surprised when Paul, from Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta, reached out to us. This was definitely a new experience for my staff, some of members that frequent A.C. Studios, and myself. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect, especially being interviewed on LIVE TV with no way to edit bloopers. But I have to say, Paul was so easy to talk to, both him and sick-kick Tim, his cameraman.